Mosques, dunce hats, balloons, eyes, clouds, carpets, blonde hair, looney tunes, fairy tales, castles, tiaras.

Masking tape, aluminum foil, glitter, paint, paper, wood scraps, scavenged materials, vinyl.

Wrapping, layering, covering, pouring, drawing, collaging, abstracting.

Seduction, revulsion, trickery, manipulation, abuse, amusement.

A building or sculpture. A structure. An erected memorial.
Fixed in the ground so as to mark boundary or position.
Time. Scale. The body is exceeded.
Ephemeral materials. Subverted function. Purported memory. The fall is monumental.

Has it come apart or fallen together?

The 2014 Collection

2014 | Acrylic, Paper
2014 | Oil, Canvas
2014 | Oil, Canvas
2014 | Acrylic, Paper
2014 | Acrylic, Paper
2014 | Acrylic, Paper
2014 | Oil, woodWood
2014 | Oil, Paper
2014 | Acrylic, Paper

Stuttgart, Germany

About, in brief

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. M.F.A. in Studio Art, Dept. of Painting. 2004.
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